What we offer...

Headteacher Appraisal Support

Highly experienced and fully trained to provide the expert advice and challenge required for Headteacher appraisal. 

 “The governing body of a school must appoint an external adviser for the purposes of providing it with advice and support in relation to the appraisal of the head teacher.”


Chris works with schools to ensure that the headteacher and governors fulfil the statutory requirements of the appraisal process and provides all the relevant paperwork throughout the appraisal. 

Chris is fully up to date with the latest legislation and requirements, including in relation to the impact of COVID19 on the appraisal process.

Please contact us if you would like a discussion to support your appraisal process. 

From £395  – Online / in person or blended 

This includes: 

  • Initial Headteacher meeting and agenda setting 
  • The Appraisal review meeting chaired by the lead governor 
  • Comprehensive Headteacher Performance Appraisal written report 

Headteacher Mentoring Programme

Moving into a headship role for the first time, whilst very exciting, can often be quite a challenging and daunting experience.

The consultancy support package for new Headteachers provides a mentor for those new to the role of headship. An experienced headteacher, with a deep understanding of all the good and the challenging aspects of headship.

Advice and support will always be available as well as having someone to talk through some of the more challenging dilemmas new headteachers face in complete confidence.

Mentoring takes place in the form of a mixture of face to face meetings, online meetings and telephone and/or email support.

For the mentee, there is someone on the other end of the phone to talk things through when necessary and planned face to face sessions will give them the opportunity to reflect on their role away from the busy day to day running of the school.

School Improvement

Does your ‘school improvement’ sometimes feel more like you are just jumping through accountability hoops?

Identifying strengths and areas for improvement is key to school success, and yet, in an ever shifting education landscape, with constant government changes, not to mention challenging workloads for you and your team – it can feel like you are ticking boxes and jumping through hoops purely for accountability. What you actually need is helpful insight for sustainable change and improvement. 

We get it. 

We offer a fresh set of eyes, a wealth of experience and objective feedback and support for you and your leadership team. 

We will listen carefully to match your needs to a completely bespoke proposal and our solution will be honest, focused on improvement and delivered from a wealth of first-hand experience and understanding. 

Please contact us if you would like a discussion with Chris for school improvement support. 

  • Developmental school reviews 
  • Ofsted support 
  • Curriculum development 
  • Governance, pupil premium & sports premium 
  • Safeguarding 

Vision, Values & Culture

A holistic approach to designing or reviewing your vision, values and school culture to support you in driving standards for improvement.

An effective vision and core values for you school should not be just a list of words displayed around school or on your website. They should reflect the school you want to create and to lead. They should live and breath across the school from the entire community. 

We offer training and support to help you:

  • Consider the current strengths and challenges of the school
  • The vision and values history of your school 
  • Define a clear vision and values that’s right for you
  • Create cohesion and a shared understanding 
  • Plan your implementation and community buy-in

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“Evidence suggests the use of ​‘metacognitive strategies’ – which get pupils to think about their own learning – can be worth the equivalent of an additional +7 months.”
Education Endowment Foundation

We offer bespoke training to help you develop a straightforward and proven approach to learning that promotes metacognitive strategies to support and improve attainment for all.

  • Help children to learn effective metacognitive strategies to help them reflect and evaluate their learning across all subjects
  • Develop pupils’ self-regulation
  • Promote metacognitive language and oracy in the classroom
  • Promote Independent practice
  • Help children to really understand ‘growth mindset’, failure and perseverance for learning

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Whole School Coaching Culture

We will work with your leadership team to explore ways to cultivate a coaching and mentoring culture to improve performance at all levels, including health and wellbeing and successfully recruit and retain staff.

  • What coaching and mentoring is and its importance in staff recruitment and retention
  • The Emotionally Intelligent School 

We’ll help you to develop a coaching culture the right way with a bespoke plan to move your school forward and empower your staff. 

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