Coaching Assessment form

This application contains powerful questions to help you transform your life and your leadership. For the best results, please be 100% honest and write from the heart – don’t hold back.


    The Past

    What are your three biggest accomplishments to date and why are you proud of them?

    Tell me a little more about your career so far and personal success?


    The Present

    What’s missing from your life and/or career?

    What’s holding you back?


    The Future

    If we were to fast-forward 3 years, look back to now, and say “leadership coaching with Chris was one of the best decisions I ever made” what has to happened personally and professionally, for you to feel delighted with your progress?

    What would you like to accomplish that looks impossible but if it were achieved would change everything? This could be personal, professional or both!

    If in 3 years time, you’re disappointed with your results, why might that be? E.g unhealthy relationships, poor habits, limiting beliefs, fear of success, imposter syndrome…


    How did you hear about us? (choose one from the list)


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